I have called it the uncharted journey simply because when raising a child with autism , no amount of preparation is adequate. It is a journey you embark armed only with your love and faith. There are  challenges, surprises and setbacks that come your way. We have been doing our share of therapies and interventions, some of which have yielded results and some none . Luckily for us none  have caused him to regress.
                 My daughter was born in 2005, when Ramam was 5 years old. She has been one of our biggest blessings.In retrospection we are stronger as a family .We have got to meet innumerable people, many who have been exceptionally kind to us, rediscovered our own strengths and weaknesses.
                     Ramam is now 17 , and at this point in time the changes that would make him move forward , would be independent working skills, getting involved in projects / activities in the community he lives in, developing hobbies, that will  hold him in good stead in the later years, having a social circle, and of course better communication skills.With Ramam it has never been I won’t , it is generally I can’t . So I just hope and pray in years to come he has the strength and endurance to push his limits. God bless us all!

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