We started this blog in 2008. And to think we have completed nine years! The blog has been a reflection of our journey, the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, hope and anguish, all an inevitable part of this journey. There have been periods I have been active on the blog , followed by long spells of silence. The posts on this blog have also been as varied from gfcf recipes to language intervention, be it technology aids or simple articulation drills , to some rants and raves! But all along it has been about bonding, love and the immense faith that we have in Ramam and vice versa. So speaking this blog is my " moodo meter", it speaks of our changing concerns, areas of development, areas of deficits. I have written about things I think have helped my son, however small. My posts would now center more on independent working skills , as that shall and will always remain the primary concern of every parent.

When I started the blog , the primary motive was to help others , nine years later it still stays the same. I would request you to leave your comments. I would be happy to write on topics that could interest you, if you can leave your messages at vijirajmohan@gmail.com. Many many thanks to all of you , who have encouraged me to continue writing when I have gone those periods of self- doubt:))

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