Bringing Back Memories

Yesterday I had taken Ramam to a music school, looking for an instructor to teach him drumming. It followed that the instructor was a young guy. The lady at the reception briefly summarised the situation to the instructor in a line saying Ramam is a special kid. The instructor took him to the room, asked him his name. I played a video of Ramam drumming in a community drumjam, and was getting ready to launch into a lengthy clarification of why we want to pursue drumming. But before that he gave a Ramam a beat to follow . Ram got it right after 2-3 attempts and just like that he was in. No lengthy discussions, no doubts. I asked him about home tutoring and he agreed. All of these in 15 min flat.
This bought back memories of Ramam’s key board classes, 6-7 years back, where it was a struggle, getting him to play, cajoling him. Also the fact that people are more accepting, welcoming leaves a wonderful feeling. Over the years, things have changed, and all for the good.

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