5 tips to making your AAC more effective.

Emergency phrases: When using an AAC device, it is always an good idea idea to add some language for “emergency” types of situations like when peer noise is bothering him. FUNCTIONAL ways to communicate what is bothering him and FUNCTIONAL ways that he can solve it. There are can be n number of phrases, such as ” My ears hurt”, ” Can we work somewhere else”. Having a separate folder with these emergency phrases can bring down lot of stress for everyone involved.

Choosing the right grid size: The grid size should match the AAC learner can see and touch.

Making changes to the grid: This can be helpful especially when the child gets into a rote behaviour of requesting the same things over and again rather than to communicate. Some AAC devices like proloquo2go have interactive toggle buttons , so that a button cannot be repeated or use a “Repeat Delay” button, so that you could try to increase the time that must pass before the user can select a button again.

Adding a label to the device : This ipad is an communication device, or “I use my I-pad to communicate”. Also it helps to add your number and say if found please call this number.

Looking beyond communication: The AAc can be more than a communication device as well. Making lesson plans, teaching language, such as using “Describing words” folder to describe your favourite food, the various characteristics, smell, feel ,taste, colour.

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