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SMILE stands for Support My Independent Living Enterprise. The
perfect acronym, to start with. And I like the the way, the emphasis is on “My”, suggestive of ownership, pride,responsibility… Reading about SMILE biscotti just made my Tuesday morning more beautiful. Rightly as their caption says DOING GOOD NEVER TASTED SO GREAT. A tie up between a family and SARRC, South West Autism Research And Resource Centre has led to amazing goodness for everyone.
We have our own home grown success stories like ARPAN.

Here is another inspiring story, a software QA and testing company that is thriving by employing people on the spectrum in their workshop.

In the last week of April, the month of autism awareness, my last post of the month, let’s join hands as an individual, community, corporate to uplift the life of a person on the spectrum.

  • I have seen few autistic people being employed by SAP Labs India(Software, Cooking and other departments as well).
    April 1st week was the official “Autism week” here.

  • Yes, that is true, Just not SAP Labs, there are many more employment opportunities for our kids in different sectors. Hospitality , printing, catering……

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