Three things to work on

If I were to look back and look at things I would have liked to start much earlier and more consistently would be a) Recall and Reporting skills b)Concept of time c) Decision making. Because all three of these cannot be done in an individual session or across the table. These have to be weaved into their daily routines. These concepts have to be build gradually over time.
A) Recall and Reporting skills: Photographs of places visited, events captured, making a collage of the photos or making a ppt of the same. Recall can also be done with simple stories. Simple questions where did you go, how much did you pay, what did you buy? , gradually builds their recall skills and with smart phones these are much easier. Asking someone to look for something and for them to come back and report, I found it/ I did not find it. I now ask Ramam to call me before he starts from school. When he goes for a walk with someone else and I ask him where are you? He is not at a point to tell me on his own but has to be prompted to say near,close to some place. These are things I wish I had started doing with him much earlier.
B) Concept of time: Concept of time in terms of yesterday,today,tomorrow, how many days to your vacation,how long do you spend on your breakfast,how many weeks in a month. These are done much easier over daily activities. Time is an abstract concept and it is only by his replies, such as,” Can I watch for half an hour?, Play for 10 minutes?, I gather that he is slowly getting the concept of time.I ask him to set a time goal as to how long he wants to eat breakfast, how long to do yoga. The setting goals for himself leads to the third part- Decision making.
C) Decision making: Recently attended a workshop by Dr.Sushama Nagarkar, and she introduced us to the AIR self- determination scale. The first question raised was, “How do you define a goal?” All I could think of was a reward system, where Ramam would work for something, attain his goal solely for the purpose of a reward which he determines. And so then she explained setting your bed, doing your daily exercises, anything that matters. Very importantly it is the child’s goal and gradually over a period of time this goal setting helps them take bigger decisions for themselves, and make the necessary adjustments.

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