Multitasking and Autism

Ramam uses his phone to listen to music primarily. That was not my objective when we gave him the phone. The idea was for him to communicate using his phone, send and receive messages. And this was not happening. So as always I looked up the internet and there I found my answers.
Multitasking has something to do with prospective memory which means the ability to remember to do things in the future. There are some impairments that does not let this happen with a person with autism. All of this made up for some very interesting reading. What is second nature to most of us, working and checking our messages intermittently is difficult for Ramam, as it is his inability to multitask.
Secondly, there is also the concept of a clear start and end point for a task for our kids. Ramam cannot leave one task unfinished and switch on to the next task. This again is a hindrance. So we decided to weave in “Check messages” in his visual schedule. He now has to check messages in his lunch and tea breaks. Ideally, this is what he would be doing in a work environment as well. This would not be person dependent, as he would not wait for a verbal prompt to do something. I tried the phone prompts such as reminders to check messages which were also unsuccessful.

And now for the time being it is just wait and watch to see how things go.

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