Magic Crate

I had started with a 3 month subscription of magic crate. They have materials starting for kids starting from 1 and 1/2 years to 12 years. I took the subscription with some trepidation.

                 What i liked  the most is the contents in the box.Lucid instructions,easy to assemble stuff all neatly packaged in a box.I picked up the activities in the 6-8 years.He made a periscope ,telescope, moon rover, kaleidoscope, and weighing balance. This kind of activities are good to have in hand when you dont  want to do academics but at the same avoid TV/ I-pad distractions.
                             There is learning as well. Should you be get bitten by the science bug, one can explore further. We did a simple science experiment to show that convex lens can burn a piece of paper with sunlight. The next set of projects from 8-12 years i feel is a huge leap, as seen in the picture is a hydraulic lifting jack.

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