Epic! Book for kids

This is an app that I have come to love. It is a digital library for kids 12 and under. Unlimited fiction and non -fiction, Stem, biographies, videos, graphic novels, DIY and more. Various features like a small quiz at the end of a book, time taken to complete the book, add more value to this app. If you just scan through the pages and not actually read the book, it gives a polite reminder, that you finished the book too quick. Join free for the first 30 days. There are also audio books, read to me books for the beginners. The videos are epic with the apps featuring videos from national geographic, Smithsonian, Blue wonders, Encyclopedia Britannica.

Recently I read a biography of Temple Grandin to Ramam from this app.

No returns, no late fees, and the biggest advantage it is better than watching mindlessly watching videos on you tube, or watching the same CDs. There is a lot more enriching content in here.It is very important to read to children on the spectrum, because it helps to expand their vocabulary. Many a times when they lack questioning skills, books are their window to the world.


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