Autism and the social media

Ramam recently joined Facebook, but his circle of friends is a closely guarded with persons who are either family or that he interacts with them every day.

Couple of things that pushed me into taking the step were, now that he enters the threshold of adult hood, it gives him the scope to widen his social circle.  It gives him the adult interaction, there is a conscious, purposeful need to express himself. There are scenarios that are available to him where he has to a) Reason out, b) Comment, c) Report.

Recently, my sister told him of how her dog was eating up the plants and she was finding it a problem, I then asked him to reason how, give a solution to the problem. If I were the only person communicating with him the range of topics we cover would be limited. There are new expressions that he is coming across every day. He messaged about the fresh vegetables in the garden and his cousin replied have a Fresh day Rama! He found this expression very interesting. When his cousin asked him about his new year resolutions, his conversation was moving into another realm, he had to give the question some thought.


It is much easier for him to type, than to talk with someone over the phone. Hopefully with time, he is able to express himself more freely and eases his stress levels when he talks to others.


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