Yummy breakfast

The purpose of this activity would be for the children to do simple word problems in a fun way. They get to do the basic math operations, create their own breakfast and later put it on their bulletin board. I have also given a choice board for the various basic functions (Addition, Substraction, Multiplication and Division)
Variations of this activity would be to add tax, more items, try different combinations of the items on the menu,plan a weekend eat out for a family of four. I have kept the cost of items in multiples of 10 for the purpose of easy computation.

Hope you enjoy this FREE download. Thanks!

  • I don’t know where this new blog is hosted, but it is problematic for following reasons:
    1)I have seen it to be down twice in last 1-2 weeks. Each time it was down for many hours.
    2)Today it doesn’t show recent posts that were posted around new year time.

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