Why write a letter

Why write a letter? It does seem old – fashioned.
It seems a little irrelevant in the age of e-mails , Facebook and What’s app. However the exercise of writing a letter in itself, placing it in an envelope, and mailing it gives a sequence of events to be followed. It also happens to be a pre -vocational skill after all.The first activity as suggested in this post.
http://autismtank.blogspot.in/2014/03/new-work tasks.html.
A step forward from a friendly informal letter would be sending an e- mail, to filling out a job application. The social implications are manifold.
1) Identifying a close circle of people whom one would feel comfortable sending these letters, grandparents, aunts and uncles. identifying and labelling the stationary required to write a letter.
2) Being able to share your memories and events in your life as simple as baking at home to attending a birthday party would open up channels of communication and recall.Making a short list of ideas that you want to share.
3) Having people beyond your immediate family of father, mother and siblings to associate with in the process of letter writing thus widening your social circle.
4)And the best part having a reply in the mail waiting for you.

This apart from the social benefits,letter writing also works on various other aspects of writing , such paragraph writing, and saying good bye.

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