A hero, he is!

This is one of those very special moments in our lives , but due to various reasons I have missed out on blogging about this event. Ramam won two special Olympic medals, a silver and gold at the special olympics at the county and area levels.
We had gone with zero expectations. Olympics sounded too big an arena for Ramam to compete. But on the encouragement given by his coach and the fact they did the paperwork for us, ( Yes! , it’s a huge bonus) , we decided to put our foot forward. Our hero won two medals. The gold is a special one, because that game he played with his father’s racquet. And that makes it doubly special. Maybe it was his lucky charm.

  • Wow it’s great. Viji. Kudos to the wonderful parents. Love to Ramsm

  • Pushpa Balasubramanian

    December 1, 2017 at 11:35 am

    Hearty congratulations!! It is in fact a big reward for Ramam and parents for your hard work and perseverance. ???

  • Congratulations to Raman! Hats off to you, Viji and the entire family for all your efforts and perseverance.

  • Super..Hearty congrats Ramam.. well done and God bless..

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