In Grief

The shoot out at elementary school has left me with a sense of despodency, grief, anger. A post on this blog is doing the rounds

My heart goes out to Adam Lanza mother.  There might have been many moments in her life when she must have been concerned for his future and  pondered over the now ubiquitous question “what after me”?   To shoot her, 20 children and then kill himself , it is a huge tragedy.

The word ‘mental illness’ is a black box, none of us can comprehend it fully. Everything is in control , till the unspeakable happens without warning. It is scary to say the least, when kids are on medications for various issues, and suddenly something flares up somewhere.

How does when effectively do anger management when one doesn’t know what  has provoked them, or should you know the causes but they are beyond reasoning. How much can a parent take?  In the above mentioned post, the mother has two other kids to take care of, earn a living. Sadly , even when you are burdened with these issues, there is no safety net either. Just meandering through our lives not knowing when adversities shall strike.

It is going to be a very dark christamas for the 27 families and the whole school.

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