In a nutshell

To quote Harshita Mahajan, a mother in Bangalore Mirror, December 6th 2012 issue,

once… that autism is a zero sum game… you are either functional or you aren’t. Cognition doesn’t make the cut alone… it’s only a small part of the puzzle… a contributor to functionality. I had argued with my friend that in terms of her binary analogy that autism was a journey where we moved from the zero to the one.
But finally you have to decide whether you are at zero or at one.

                                 It cannot be surmised better. Often I think  if after so many years of intensive effort, if the final outcome is not up to your expectations , then indeed it would be a really sad story. It remains to be seen how functional Ramam would be at 20. By saying more, I don’ t want to dilute the essence of those brief but powerful words.

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