Small Obstacles.

Ramam had his first episode of seizure attack this month.  Least expected , it came as a jolt on a Sunday afternoon two weeks back. Thankfully, his EEG and CT Scan have come normal but the worries persist.  An  addition to  a growing list of  concerns . It hit my husband very hard, as he watched it unfolding.I was not around as I had gone to call for help. Mercifully , being a Sunday afternoon everybody was around to help us out ,unlike a weekday.
August has been a  month of small obstacles , if I were to put it that way, nothing insurmountable  but like pin pricks nevertheless. Finding   a replacement for a domestic help,  two drivers in succession, whom we were left with but no choice but to fire.  Life continues, despite all these minor  setbacks,  with a will of it’s own. We anticipated difficulties administering the anti seizure medication as Ramam was not to used to tablets. After  2-3 days of struggle, he is surprised us by popping it in his mouth with little water and swallowing it on his own.
                        Ramam had dropped the I- pad and following that we were experiencing network connectivity issues , we were cocksure ,that it must have been  because of the fall. We thought this month was jinxed. We did not bother to even check the settings. much later we realized the cellular data button was off and wi Fi was enabled. just goes to show how much our preconceived notions affect our reasoning.
                     There is so much on one’s mind there is very little time to debate on what has happened , but to plan the next move. To go with the tide , rather than resist seems to make life much easier. We tried to sedate Ramam for the EEG and did not work. Finally we decided to go for lunch, and enjoyed it. It was more like a day out at Narayana Hridayalaya health city. We came back and did the EEG and scan . He cooperated much better than we had hoped for. Before lunch we were working ourselves into a frenzy, wondering why Ramam was not going to sleep.
                        I have been coming with Ramam in auto these days to school, so been meeting  parents whose children are on medication. Been lucky to get varied inputs from all them.

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