Aeir Talk

Aeir talk lets you make custom made noun and verb flash cards that helps your child learn new vocabulary, sentence formation and of course communication. I think Aeir talk is an excellent app for a non –verbal child to start off. There is no language barrier; one can record in whatever language you choose to, and since it is all in pictures, it is very visually reinforcing. Adding and removing cards is child’s play. Developed by Joe hill, a father with children on the spectrum, it is a user friendly app. If you are looking for an affordable i-pad app in this segment, this is the one.

Another app that has caught my interest is Pinterest. One can make multiple boards. Suppose I want to teach verbs I have to look for action words/pictures and pin them on my board. A speech pathologist, has mentioned using the app Tapikeo HD in conjunction with Pinterest. I used Pinterest for my daughter for 3D geometric shapes.

This is another good app-Language therapy. Priced at $60, the cost is prohibitive. Subdivided into various sections, such as comprehension therapy, naming therapy, reading therapy, writing therapy it has a very structured format. They have a language therapy lite, that can be downloaded for free. A good app for spellings is simplex spelling. They also have a lite version.

On the fun side, some of the G5 games are good. ( Ramam enjoys anything to do with food, and cooking. These apps have go to do with assembly lines, serving customers their choice of burgers, running a supermarket, stocking up so you don’t lose customers. It lets one upgrade from the profits you make, like buying more sauce bottles, adding more shelves in an aisle. The Elfishki series of stories is also interesting.

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