Into December

I have not been blogging for quite some time now. At Ramam’s end things are moving at a snail’s pace. He is showing a lot of interest in playing with ball, basket ball, football….. Enjoys throwing and kicking them around. He has been off the diet since Diwali. There have been no obvious changes but not very sure if his verbalization has come down.  
                                         Ramam participated in Kalangana 2011, a very dismal performance. This was our first exposure to the event although I have heard Sumathi speak about it.  Among the hundred thousand children on the spectrum, probably a very small percentage gets an opportunity to go and participate in a competition. It is not about winning, but more about participation. In that sense Kalangana is a blessing. That brings me to Sukesh performance on Asianet (a regional channel) in Star Singer. In a request by the viewers to know more about Autism, Sukesh’s mother grew emotional and said that she would not be able to sum up the complexities of the problem even if she spoke for 2 days about it. Understandably so, it is the mother of all problems. But, in hindsight, I felt she had a very captive audience and it would have been a wonderful opportunity to spread awareness of the problem.
                                          Life goes on, as usual with my daughter throwing in some surprises and disappointments along the way.  Went to Sarla Birla Academy, a residential school for boys on the Bannerghatta road in lieu of the World Disability day. Not much happening in Bangalore on that day. More in my next post.

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