More GFCF Receipes:

Here are some of the recipes I tried this month

 Guava smoothie:

1 Guava

1 Banana

1 cup orange juice

1tsp lemon juice

1Tbsp honey

2 Handful of ice.

Peel and slice the fruits in bite size chunks, add the juices and honey, put them in a blender and blend.

Protein mix:

                            Tried my hand at making a homemade protein mix for Ramam. I used finger millet, (500g approx), 50g ground nuts,  whole green gram, groundnuts, chick peas, roasted gram, 2-3 tablespoons of  horse gram ,black gram , boiled rice (250 g),3-4 small cardamom pods. I did not add almonds, as it may reduce the shelf life of the powder. Fry all these ingredients separately and bled into a fine powder. The powder has to be fine, otherwise it leaves a sediment layer when mixed with hot water. Take a tbsp of the powder; add required qty of sugar, and hot water. This mix is ideal when you wish to give your child a hot beverage substitute and not the usual tulsi tea. As Finger millet is the main ingredient it may have a cooling effect, and hence not so ideal in winter

Creamy Carrot soup:

                                    Cut the potatoes and carrot both 2 in numbers, into chunk sized pieces, I onion roughly chopped, substituted skimmed milk with almond milk, 1-2 garlic pods, pinch of saffron , salt and pepper to taste. Pressure cook the carrot and potatoes. Saute the onion, garlic in a skillet with ¼ tsp oil and cook for about a minute or two. Transfer the contents to a food processor. Pour the mix into a saucepan, and heat it up. Add the almond milk and saffron. Stir for a minute or two and turn off the heat. Garnish with pepper. The soup is delicious and taste awfully good.For more GFCF soups,check this post out

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