Eating out in Bangalore

These are two restaurants that hold  some promise for a GFCF menu when eating out. They are both as diverse as chalk and cheese. One is Suggi that offers malnad cuisine and have their branches at Malleswaram and New BEL extension. The ambience is good. The service is average. They have some interesting items on the menu as the Suggi basket – Kadabu, neer dosa, shavige, all served in a dimsum basket (how mangalorean is that). Anyway it has to be had with the curries available in the main course. The food again is average. A meal for  a family can be anywhere between 700-1000.

The other one is Kamath @kamth yatri nivas. This one is on the same road as Sapna book stall. It is more like a mess rather than a hotel. Service is super quick; they could probably beat Mcdonalds to it. The beauty of this place is the hot, hot jowar rotis they serve, fresh out of the tava. The cooks sit in a line in the verandah on the kitchen side. You can actually watch them make it. Meal per person is Rs.1oo.One can tell them in advance if you don’t want the curds and buttermilk. It is more like ghar ka khana. (Homemade food). Nutritious and tasty.

There is Sivananda stores near the sivananda circle that sells jowar flour. I spoke to the in- charge at Kamath and he  said they mix rice and jowar flour in the proportion 10:90. Jowar itself is very coarse. Back to baking at home. Check out the pumpkin cookies

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