Not so lucky

We are back to go square one. One month of being on non gfcf diet, things began to go awry. It was like watching the trailer of a beautiful movie that never saw the light of day. We had a rollicking time eating pizza, ice creams, pizzas, pani puri….. The first half of the movie was racy, fun packed but somehow the second half the script began to flounder. Ramam began to get not so good reports from school, therapists. It was a huge disappointment. We had observed earlier also when Ramam was not on the diet, and we used to treat him to pizza, his behavior would be exemplary the next day. There is no logic to it as it is to so many things with autism. So the first fifteen days of the trial seemed to have gone smooth and easy sailing.

He is back on the diet last 3-4 days and let’s see how thing go. He already is asking for rotis, curds and pooris. But maybe he understands as I have stopped making them at home now. I do feel sad for him but don’t seem to have a way out. Probably will look at jowar  rotis for everybody at home. Recently I remember reading one  parent mentioning in one of  the yahoo autism groups, that the Ig G tests are not fool proof. GFCF works silently. Now I have no choice left but to believe it.

Maybe we will reconsider the diet after a year or two.

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