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I have given below a list of websites that maybe useful to the readers on a range of topics related to autism.   on issues of advocacy, and information  life span program based on structured teaching, wish they had free downloads.  on first signs of autism, early detection. I have written a post on early intervention that has more websites you can look up.  on resources and information.  the officialwesite of the autism society of America.
www.ready-2-learn .com innovative   instuctional material for pople with autism   online asperger syndrome information and support.
Last but not the least . Modesty  is not  one of my virtues, anyway! ha ha ha
  • Thanks for the link. All the points mentioned are very relevant to the issue and the article captures the essence of the problem as in the current scenario. A parent support group,is vital, as we need somebody to share our concerns and have a few lighter moments.When discussed a major worry may appear less formidable. As for My name is Khan was not as powerful in it's portrayal as TZP.People who don't understand autism cannot identify with Khan either. When my husband watched Rain man in his student years it was just another movie for him . My neighbour told me My name is Khan was an absolute bore.

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