IRC Autism Awareness Walk.

This was a Sunday with a difference. We,  along with other parents were on a mission to pledge our support for the cause of autism.  On Sundays, we are generally twiddling our thumbs wondering what to do.  6th December was a Sunday well spent.  The highlights of the walk include

·         Flagging of the walk and release of the IRC  calendar by the governor of Karnataka.
·         Panel discussion by parents on various issues concerning autism.
·         An announcement by Mrs. Hema Nataraj, an experienced special educator and a parent at that, of the establishment of NITHYA SADHANA, a vocational initiative to provide young adults with Down syndrome, mild MR, and high functioning autistics an opportunity to work . This was extremely well received with a thunderous round of applause.
Membership forms for a nominal amount of Rs.100 were also distributed for  membership to autism society of India which is managed by the IRC
I also took this opportunity to spread the message of GFCF and distributed sample cookies.  My day was made when one of the fathers told me said that his son enjoyed the cookies and will try out the recipe.There on the top  left corner you have the guest of honor, brooding over the state of affairs. :). For more information on irc go to IRC

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