The first small BIG steps


The first time we shared an interest. Earlier he would not look at the same object that I was trying to draw his attention to.
The first time he scanned the room to reassure himself we were there. He kept returning his glances.
His first meal in a restaurant with  harish sitting at his table using a visual cue we used at home, his table mat. This was suggested to me when I was taking harish to AFA at New delhi.
The first time he tacted that he was hungry. This was using the principles of applied verbal  behavior, where he signs and asks for something that is not in his immediate environment.
The first time he pulled a stool, climbed on it and opened the latch on the top of the door for his father who was getting back from work after a late evening.
The first time he jumped to reach out and pluck a fruit from a tree. Earlier he would look around for somebody to lift him up.
The first time he played a prank on his father. He father gave him a friendly pat on his back when he was sitting engrossed with his picture book. He put the book down, ran to my husband, gave him a pat and laughed.
The first time that he played run and chase with his sister.
The first time he said TATA to his teacher when it was time to go home.
The first time he got his first three shots in a row when playing badminton.
The first time, today morning, when he tried to frame his first question He should have written and asked “where is my book?” Instead he wrote “how foods book”? To me it is a beginning.
 These are first confidence building steps that we should watch out.


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