Autistic Parents !

In the world of autism, a parent realises the struggle and the pain. But its the silent autistic child who goes through much more and with no way to crib about it. I felt I had cured my sons autism when i cured my perceptions and expectations of him. I see so much love in his eyes and how he silently says so much to me. I am thankful I am a changed person because of him. I might have never seen myself but for him. I was a professional, a scientist, an engineer, a nice human being, a witty person, a promising student and so many more things that I now realise is not the true me. But for Autism I would have left this world without knowing myself. I am grateful to him and hence i say ” Autistic Parents” – These are parents who dont want to accept the truth, curse their fate and want to make their children “normal” so that they can rub shoulders with the other ” successful parents”. If we have no Autistic parent our children will all be normal.

  • I have slowly began to realise that self esteem is a very important factor in thier upbringing. No can paly a major role than parents in instilling these values. After a year of home schooling my son is back in school. Iasked him to type few sentences about himself and they were as follows I am harish attending school I also do addition I also play basket ball I also love music.I didn’t know going to school meant so much to him whatever his reasons,maybe the freedom to get away from home,that he is also “normal” in some ways.Iam proud of my little boy.

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  • Autistic parents! Ha! So so true. It is I feel instinctive for parents to try and find a ‘cure’. which is not possible! *sigh* if only they understand this.
    Glad to see your efforts.
    Great blog, Mohan and Viji. 🙂
    With love to Ramam and the li’l one.
    God bless. 🙂

  • Thanks. Nice to see a comment on the very first post! Appreciate it !!!

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